8 Pc Flora Cookware Set - Blue

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Enjoy a high-end cooking experience with Balzano’s 8 Pc Imagination Cookware Set that combines elegance, and functionality all in one set! Besides its sleek polished exterior, this amazing and highly-functional cookware set by Balzano contains all the cooking necessities you need from saucepans to casseroles, and pans to help you cook, and present your favorite dishes in style!

The 8 Pc Flora Cookware Set is brought to you by the Italian brand, Balzano that has been in the business of manufacturing Aluminum Cookware for hundreds of years now and has, as a result, established a pristine brand image that speaks for itself. Thanks to its high-end materials and durable designs, Balzano’s products are now highly acclaimed as the best kitchen appliances by renowned chefs from all over the world!

What’s really great about this cookware set is its large-sized pots and pans that enable you to cook large quantities of food all at once, which makes it an ideal choice for family gatherings and large households. It also features a stylish, shiny exterior & a nonstick interior with White & Black dots to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the pots. Balzano’s 8 Pc Flora Cookware Set is highly durable and provides better browning, superior durability, and food release as well as fast and even heating. 

Balzano’s 8 Pc Flora Cookware Set is available in Pink & Blue. Get it NOW at an irresistible price!


  • Heats up quickly and Spreads Heat Evenly
  • Exceptional Durability 
  • Reduced Energy Consumption 
  • All-Natural Ceramic Coating
  • Easy to Clean Non-stick Surface
  • Healthy Cooking with Reduced Oil
  • Exclusive Set for CITRUSS

Technical Specifications:

  • Body: Die-cast Aluminum
  • Lid: Glass Lid w/ Normal SS Rim
  • Interior: Non-stick Coating with White & Black Dots
  • Exterior: Heat Resistant Painting - Pink & Blue
  • Knob & Handle: Silicone
  • Bottom: CD with Stamp Logo

How to Use the Product:

  • Before use, wash with warm water and soap, and dry thoroughly.
  • For best results, when baking, lightly grease before each use.


  • Avoid scratching the surface with metal utensils.
  • Ensure that the handles of the cookware do not protrude beyond the edge of your stove during cooking.


  1. 1 x 24*13.2 cm Casserole with Lid & a Pair of Silicone Handle Covers
  2. 1 x 28*15.3cm Casserole with Lid & a Pair of Silicone Handle Covers
  3. 1 x 18*10.9cm Saucepan with Lid
  4. 1 x 28*7.5cm Deep Fry Pan without Glass Lid
  5. 1 x 32*24*6.7cm Double Grill Pan
  6. 1 x 12*5.5cm Mini Casserole with Aluminium Lid

Warranty: 2 Years

  • Limited Warranty on the Coating & Handles

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