Multifunctional Twist Stepper

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Looking for a hassle-free way to get fit & strengthen your body muscles without having to wear yourself out at the gym? Flexxit has got you covered! Enjoy having both calorie burning and body sculpting workouts together in the comfort of your own home with Flexxit‘s Multifunctional Stepper that will transform your home into a personal gym hall! 

Unlike normal exercise equipment that only targets one or a few specific muscles, Flexxit’s Multifunctional Stepper targets every single muscle group of your entire body as the stepping action, and the stretching of the resistance bands work out the muscles of your upper body, core as well as lower body. This means that you don’t need to overcrowd your home with multiple workout gear as the Multifunctional Stepper by Flexxit offers you a full-body workout in just one compact equipment that fits anywhere, even in small spaces around your home! 

Flexxit’s Multifunctional Stepper offers a variety of exercise selection as you can perform the stepping exercise while holding the handle bar for maintaining your balance or use the resistance bands for a full body workout to target all muscle groups. The Multifunctional Stepper has absolutely zero harm on the joints and muscles of your body as you basically perform a normal stepping exercise during the whole workout which does not have any impact on your joints. It can also be used easily by your entire family, from the elders to the young members - just hop on, hold on and step your way to fitness! 

What are you waiting for? Order Flexxit’s Multifunctional Stepper today & get in shape!


  • Patented Exercise Equipment
  • Can be Fully Folded Up into a Very Compact Piece
  • Super Light & Portable
  • Can be Taken or Stored Anywhere 
  • Additional Handle Bar that You Can Hold to Keep and Maintain Your Balance While Stepping. This is Especially Suitable for the Elders
  • Additional Resistance Bands 
  • The Repetitive Motion of the Flexxit Stepper Provides You Aerobics While Muscle Toning, So You Can Improve Your Cardio and Increase Endurance at the Same Time When You Build Up Your Muscles
  • Offers You Both Calorie Burning and Body Sculpting Workouts Together at Your Own Home
  • Targets Every Single Muscle Group of Your Entire Body (Upper, Lower & Core)
  • Variety of Exercise Selection - Hold the Handle Bar for Maintaining Your Balance or the Resistance Bands for a Full Body Workout to Target All Muscle Groups
  • No Impact on Joints and Muscles While Working out
  • Barely Needs a Room for Storage At Home!
  • Best Choice for You and All of Your Family Members Whether They’re Too Young or Too Old

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  • 1 x Flexxit Multifunctional Stepper

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